Governors’ Meeting CurrentHighlight

EMEAP Governors’ Meetings have been held on an annual basis since its establishment in 1996. One of the important functions of the Governors’ Meetings is the exchange of ideas and information regarding recent economic and financial developments in the region. The Governors’ Meetings also reinforce the role of Governors as the supreme decision-makers of EMEAP. Basic policies regarding EMEAP activities are decided at the Governors’ level and the output of the Working Groups is reported to and authorized by the Governors. In order to make discussions more focused, themes have been set for each of these meetings. The theme for the first meeting was “means of strengthening central bank cooperation to enhance financial stability and market development in the region”, which resulted in the establishment of three working/study groups.

Since 2004, EMEAP Governors have met on an annual basis with Governors of the Eurosystem to discuss current economic issues relevant to both areas. The EMEAP-Eurosystem High Level Seminars aim to increase communication and deepen relations between EMEAP and the Eurosystem.

EMEAP, the Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks, is a cooperative organization of central banks and monetary authorities in the East Asia and Pacific region. Its primary objective is to strengthen the cooperative relationship among its members.